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MAKING, MATURING, and MUltiplying followers of Jesus Who extend the hope of the gospel on Cape Cod




Having grown up on Cape Cod, Jeremy and Liana have an inherent love for the area and the people. They also have a first-hand burden for the spiritual need of their home. As locals, the Stuarts are especially in tune with the rhythms, struggles, and hopes of this unique area.

Jeremy went to high school in Hyannis and did not meet a Christian until he was 21. This speaks to the need for new churches. Shortly after trusting Christ in 2009, he felt called to minister in his home area.

Jeremy and Liana met in 2010 at church where Liana led worship. After hearing her sing, Jeremy experienced the closest thing to "love at first sight"—or love at first sound. Sharing a passion for the gospel and Jesus, they bonded quickly and were married two years later in 2012.

They moved to Dallas in 2013, to attend Dallas Theological Seminary and served as home group leaders at The Village Church. Their eyes always set on Massachusetts, they moved back to help plant a church in Waltham with Clint Patronella who they met at The Village. While serving on staff at Seven Mile Road Waltham, Jeremy has been training to plant a church on Cape Cod.

As a theologically trained local, who has already planted a church in Massachusetts, God has directed Jeremy's life where passion, calling, and experience converge. With the clearest sense of calling, the Stuarts are moving back home to plant a church in Hyannis.

Jeremy and Liana have one daughter, Noelle, and recently welcomed home their three-year-old son, Nathan, through adoption from the Philippines!



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To the outsider, thoughts of Cape Cod evoke images of summer, beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and escape from everyday life. For the locals, who experience all four seasons, the day-to-day grind wears—from those struggling to find adequate housing and winter employment, to single moms, to the general feeling of being trapped on an island with few outlets for hope. Just 2% report adherence to gospel-centered Christianity and nearly half the population claims no religious affiliation at all. 

Hyannis is one of seven villages in Cape Cod's largest town, Barnstable (population: 45,000). As Cape Cod’s only urban area, it's a central location for Barnstable and the entire Cape. Every Cape Codder visits Hyannis for the county's only mall, restaurant chains, and Cape Cod Hospital. Hyannis is filled with densely populated neighborhoods, boasts a developed downtown, and is home to the region's public transit authority, harbor, and airport. It's the closest thing to a city on Cape Cod. As such, the Cape's homeless population is concentrated in Hyannis and the area is plagued with opioid addiction and alcoholism.

Whether pastor or parishioner, there’s a consensus among those faithfully laboring in the gospel on Cape Cod—“Yes, we need more churches!” We want to join the mission by planting Seven Mile Road Church in Hyannis.


The need is great in Hyannis, but so is the potential. Being in the only urban area of Cape Cod affords many opportunities for the church to partner with nonprofits and serve their home by joining up with the experts. This opens possibilities to make Christ known to those served and those with whom we serve. In Hyannis, not only will the church be accessible to most of the population, Seven Mile Road will also be an ideal hub for church planting on Cape Cod—part of the grander vision.

We will be an outpost of hope that makes, matures, and multiplies followers of Jesus who spread the life-giving message of the Gospel in Hyannis, on Cape Cod, and beyond.



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The Church plants churches

The New Testament and Christian history show a global Church that prays, funds, and sends people to spread the Gospel through church planting. This task is too big for one family, one team, or even one local church. We believe it’s God’s will that his people—near and far—would unite in efforts like these to see souls saved and his name glorified. We hope that you’ll partner with us through financial support, prayer, and advocacy. Perhaps God is even calling you to join the team!


"If you may have everything by asking in His name, and nothing without asking, I beg you to see how absolutely vital prayer is" (Charles Spurgeon). Will you join us to faithfully pray for the life and mission of Seven Mile? To join our prayer team, click HERE to sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter with specific prayer requests.


Funding church planting is investing in the Kingdom of God. Given the high cost of living and hard soil, it will take 5 to 8 years to become self-sustaining. Please partner with us to see the gospel advance on Cape Cod. Click HERE to give online. Be sure to select “Fundraising Hyannis (Stuart).” Checks can be mailed and payable to: Seven Mile Road Church, 84 Green St. Melrose, MA 02451 with Hyannis in the memo.


We believe that God will build his team to accomplish his purpose and mission for this new church on Cape Cod. If you feel called to join us in Hyannis to make, mature and multiply followers of Jesus, we would love to begin that conversation. Fill out the form below to get in touch.


Do you know someone who lives on Cape Cod that would benefit from being a part of Seven Mile Road? Perhaps you know someone who could connect us with others on Cape Cod. If so, let's start the conversation. Fill out the form below to send us an email.

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