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Welcome to Seven Mile Road, A New Church in Hyannis

We believe that a church isn’t a building or a place, but a family and a community. We desire to extend the hope of Jesus on Cape Cod, by sharing and showing the gospel to our neighbors. We’re a broken-but-beloved family, sharing life together, celebrating triumphs and mourning tragedies. We believe that you can belong before you believe because our invitation to you isn’t contingent on our common beliefs, but on our common humanity.

When we say, you’re welcome here. We mean it. Not in theory, but in practice. You’re not only free to ask hard questions, you’re encouraged to do so because there are very real and satisfying answers. We don’t claim to be the solution to every problem or the hope of every longing. We claim only to know and follow the One who is. We have the courage to walk down the road of life together because He has already walked it. Come, journey with us at Seven Mile Road, a new Christian Church on Cape Cod.