The Gospel is good news. Grace for bad people. Grace for good people too. Forgiveness for the unforgivable. Mercy for the underserved. Jesus lived the life we couldn’t live, died the death we deserved to die, in our place because of his unending, unhindered love. The gospel is the air we breath and the blood in our veins. Without it, we die. We need to hear it again and again to really believe it. At Seven Mile Road, we will unashamedly and lovingly revel in the Gospel and all of its beautiful implications.


No pretense. No accusing. No finger pointing. No manipulation. No rolled eyes. No condescension. No under the breath criticism. No pressure. Everyone needs room to ask questions and be a work in progress. We all need space to connect the dots and find our way. And no one wants to walk that road alone. That’s why we need friends to walk beside us as fellow pilgrims. Everyone needs a safe place where they can be real. Seven Mile Road is a place to mend where we all have scars.


No pressure. No rush. No deadlines. No unrealistic expectations. No bait and switch. Just patience and understanding. To be sure, there is urgency, but without hurry. Change happens one step at a time. People need time to rethink their lives. We also know it takes time to build meaningful relationships. We do not believe in quick fixes, easy formulas, or pat answers. Seven Mile Road is a place where you can breathe and go at your own pace.


At Seven Mile Road Church, we will always give you these three things