We do not meet on Sundays… yet! Stay tuned for more information on Sunday Gatherings. As our church grows, we’ll begin to hold Sunday services. At this point, it makes more sense to meet as a Gospel Community, loving one another and our community. That said, we intend to launch regular Sunday services in Fall 2020. Check back or get in touch with us about the preview services that we’ll hold throughout the year. In the meantime, you can learn more about our philosophy or gathering on Sunday below.


We gather together on Sundays to meet with the living God and be encouraged, formed spiritually, and strengthened as changed followers of Jesus. Our Sunday Gathering will follow a Modern Liturgy, a relevant expression of an ancient pattern that still reaches us today. In addition to worshiping through music, we begin by hearing God's call to worship—an invitation to know, love, and follow. We give space to practice confession and lament in a world that never slows down. We drink deep the good news that love, acceptance, forgiveness and mercy are offered to all who recognize their need and provision in Jesus. After listening to the Scriptures proclaimed through preaching, we respond by sharing communion—a meal to remember that Jesus gave his life for us. Finally, we conclude our gathering by being sent out into the world to be a blessing, empowered by self-sacrificing love, for God’s glory and the good of our city.